Friday, November 4, 2011

NEW TRACK RELEASE - Aural Psynapse

And so outta nowhere, the modern remake of Aural Psynapse is finished, and has been released on iTunes this morning! Interesting enough, it seems to be an iTunes exclusive, so far. Follow the links for more info and the iTunes page.

iTunes | iTunes UK

So who wants to see more older stuff?! I know I do. Especially Creep. :)

Now that I have time, here's a more detailed and updated post.

Click the image above to reach the pre-ordering page for the NEW deadmau5 live dvd. It will feature footage filmed tomorrow at the toronto show in the Rogers Center itself. 30 minutes of footage will be stream on The catch is, you need to subscribe to the stream on the website, so enter your name and e-mail and you'll be able to watch it when it goes live.

Ever wanted a sneak peek into the way the visuals for the live shows work?

Last, but not least, there has a been a release of mau5 remixes floating around, put out by not Ultra, nor mau5trap, but by the London-based label 'Cubrik'. It releases on Nov 21st, and it's legitimacy still seems up in the air, so if you have any info, be sure to let us know. The full album boasts 21 remixes in total and is available to pre-order from HMV and eBay? Weird, right?


  1. I wish deadmau5 had more creative album covers.

  2. I like the consistency of it. It means you know who's done it, and which label it is.

  3. the remix album is out now, I've just bought it from iTunes UK.


    also available on amazon UK for 7.99