Friday, March 18, 2011

New Moguai and SOFI collaboration - "Beat of the Drum" / New Skrillex and SOFI collaboration - "Bring Out the Devil"?

Moguai and SOFI have teamed up for a new collaboration, "Beat of the Drum". According to SOFI this came about as both of them have German roots, so it seemed natural. In an interview with MTV she states it has a "dizzee rascal kind of feel".

(includes teaser of said song)

Also from the interview, she talks about her first experience at Ultra last year, performing SOFI needs a ladder. For this year, she talks about a new development for the show - something about a holographic SOFI! (To match Deadmau5' jazzy mau5head). Sounds interesting, hard to imagine, we'll blog on it.

This single should be out on Mau5trap around the time of Ultra fest (weekend of 26th march), so not that long to wait! We'll have all the details on it as soon as they happen...

Meanwhile Deadmau5 is headlining next Saturday at Ultra, so we'll keep you updated with the best videos from that. Infact, most of the mau5trap crew will be there - Feed Me and Skrillex also attending the sold out festival. Nice!

Moguai isn't the only one to get some SOFI vocals, a recent live performance with SOFI and Skrillex slipped past my eyes last month. It seems to be called "Bring Out the Devil", and you know what to expect from both...

So, SOFI mayhem on Mau5trap...and an immensely busy time for electronic music...!

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