Sunday, September 6, 2009

EXCLUSIVE - Joel announces New Mau5head Coming Soon

I was going to post this a while back, but like DJPixcell, I am very busy myself :)...

So far in Deadmau5's career, he has worn 4 different Mau5heads, Red, Blue, Black and Diamante. Now Joel has announced a brand new one, even more advanced then the rest: A fully animated Mau5head.

"I don't think anything like it has been done before in the history in humankind (Says Joel). It's going to be an 1800-plus LED matrix. The whole head will be a video screen. It's going to be sick"

The original mouse head team have been working on it for six months. So far it's cost nearly £60,000 (Nearly $100,000). It's so advanced, there'll be a heads-up display, like that used in fighter aircraft, so Zimmerman can see out.

"The inspiration was Daft Punk" he says. "Their helmets look cool, but it's very retro, like sandwich board s**t. It suits their look, but I felt the need to do the HD video version"
(Info taken from the UK Dance and Clubbing Magazine "Mixmag" Issue#220)

Photos (and maybe video :D) coming soon!

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