Sunday, March 11, 2012

Want to produce like the Mau5trap team?

Interested in learning how to produce like the big boys and girls signed to Mau5trap? Just want to jam out with some of your favorite artists? Check this out, from their website;
On March 23rd, Mau5hax will be an 8-hour music production session featuring mau5trap artists collaborating together with fans to create some new tracks in a Miami studio in real-time, and it will all be streaming live online for the world to experience. Get an exclusive inside look at the creative process and artistry behind one of the most influential labels in the industry.
Who it might be aimed at;
If you're an aspiring DJ/producer interested in participating in this music production session with mau5trap and Beatport, we'd like to hear from you. mau5trap and Beatport will select 5 aspiring DJ/producers to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.
There are a little bit of exceptions..
Only apply if you have some production experience (we want evidence!) and can be in Miami on the day. Sorry, we can’t pay to get you there but we will put you up the day before and on the day of the hack. We’ll feed you too. The tracks created will be given away the following day, so you need to be cool with that too (see Terms & Conditions). We’re looking for 5 people to make the most of this opportunity, please fill in the form and send us a link to your productions. The people selected will be emailed a week before the event (14th March) and announced on Please don’t blow your cash to come to this, we’ll give priority to people who live close enough on this occasion. The cut-off for entry is 23:59 GMT 13th March.
So you have a couple of days left to sign up, as sign up ends at midnight on Tuesday. But this is a great little program for aspiring producers and DJ's to come along, learn something, share some ideas, and just have a good time and meet some mau5trap talent's. Joel said he's looking forward to this, and if it goes well, he hopes to bring it on the road a bit, make it a semi-annual kind of thing. :)

Good luck, and have fun,

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